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Become an Ambassador for Hesed Place

AN AMBASSADOR FOR HESED → holds a desire to see others live their best life as they grow into their humanity and potential → chooses to represent Hesed Place from a true place of Loving Kindness → may choose to partner in a way that utilizes personal giftedness, open-heartedness, and a commitment to the mission being served.
This commitment to serve also signifies the true belief that growth continues throughout the lifespan for each human being and that healing often happens through safe relationships.

  • Becoming an Ambassador for Hesed is a way to live out of your own personal giftedness while serving with others along “The Whole Journey.”
  • Ambassadors play an important role in representing Hesed Place within the community. We therefore ask for, when possible, a 1-year term with the option to serve for additional years. If this is not possible then please let us know what term you are able to serve, we are excited to partner with you!
  • Life Group Member (LGM) candidates must be willing to complete a background check application, and interview process. The background check and interview does not guarantee acceptance as an ambassador or LGM. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the Hesed Place Board and / or program director.