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The Meaning Behind Hesed

What is “Hesed?”

The Hebrew word “Hesed” is nearly impossible to define in English.  Most simply stated, Hesed can be described as “loving-kindness.” A steadfast, rock-solid care that remains faithful. A loving approach so enduring that it persists beyond all we can’t understand.  

Hesed is healing to all that feel broken and acts out of unwavering loyalty.  It is not given from a place of deserving but instead intervenes from a place of consistent care just because it exists for what it is.  

Hesed is not just a feeling but an ACTION.  

It is our heartfelt intent at Hesed Place to walk along each survivor we encounter from a place of Hesed care: the unfailing loving care that will not be shaken.  To those of you who were shown that supposed “love” is connected to captivity, being hurt, loyalty by way of entrapment, what you can offer, or anything other than what is freely given, we want you to know the truth is very much the opposite.

Loving-kindness, the real “Hesed” ~ is our heart for each survivor, each community member, each person who finds Hesed Place.