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Hesed Place

Providing wraparound resources to trauma survivors, education to the communities they live in, and holistic trauma healing to adults who are intrested

Our Mission

The Hesed Place mission is to provide progressive, personal, and community resources to complex trauma survivors and a path to healing for adults who are interested.  We strive to maximize human potential for freedom, growth, and independence in life through empowerment of collaborative community service. 

We are here for the adults who never got the help they needed when they were children.  They were “missed,” and we want to be there for them now. 

We also believe in strengthening the infrastructure of communities in a trauma-informed way.  When our citizens HEAL, and our communities UNDERSTAND, the world CHANGES!

Our Journey

The NOW — We have recently opened our doors for the first time in person to our current, local Healing Place @ Hesed (HP@H) members since our founding during Covid. HP@H exists for anyone interested in a Healing Journey – Over 250 hours of trauma-related topics have been discussed to date and archived for reference in our group to date. HP@H was created HP@H to grow in understanding and to nurture some connection while we heal . We continue our online HP@H platform as well but have now begun to build out a calendar and expand our reach to provide more direct services.  We will soon launch our volunteer program to begin building our base of support. 

The NEXT — Hesed Place will soon be securing Trauma-Trained Occupational Therapy & Psychotherapy resources for survivors referred to Hesed Place, which will allow for expansion of our educational platforms by developing field-specific TIC training for community groups including medical & therapeutic professionals, law enforcement, educators, service providers, organizations, churches, life groups (survivor support) and other professionals. 

We are in the process of launching our ENGAGE Community Program which will connect other local nonprofit organizations and their clients (based on ACEs scores)  to our HP@H online community group and our Journey Center “Meaningful Activities” calendar.  Here we will offer many opportunities for healing through the senses in order to counteract sensory-based trauma. 

The “AS WE GO” — Hesed Place has big plans including a trauma center, a transitional living (Tiny Home) community and the ability to replicate its success.  By replicating the model: “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town” (TITWT) Hesed Place can share the success in our local community with other communities so that communities around the world can live trauma-informed to:

  • Increase the capacity for complex trauma survivors to heal
  • Decrease re-traumatization during the process
  • Focus on relationship-based approach

Following years of strategic planning Hesed Place is excited to launch our first programs…

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