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Hesed Place

Walking alongside survivors of severe trauma through the stages of healing, positive growth, and into the fullness of who they are.

Our Mission

Hesed Place’s mission is to provide progressive, personal, and community resources to survivors of severe complex trauma to maximize the potential for freedom, growth, and independence first within their life and then the community.

By creating a “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town” through the training of community professionals we offer collaborative Trauma-Informed, trans-disciplinary care to those who have been severely abused.

Our Vision

Stage 1: We currently offer limited Counseling Services, Referral Services for Therapeutic and Medical Needs, as well as Trauma-Informed Certification Training to Community Network Professional groups.

Stage 2: Fill first tier of Training Group Professionals. Purchase initial Transitional Living Property. Begin building and developing property, including first tiny houses. Expand services provided.

Stage 3: Continue building Training Group Professional tiers. Purchase property and establish Trauma-Focused Center / Office Building. Continue developing Transitional Living Property. Expand services provided.

Stage 4: Replicate Hesed Place “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town” model to other locations.

We care for adult Complex Trauma Survivors in the most comprehensive, progressive, and provisional way we know how.

We are always committed to growing in understanding, dreaming bigger visions, and DOING what needs to be done! (If not us, then who? If not now, then when?)

Under our umbrella, Hesed Place offers a variety of therapeutic, supportive, and educational options for participants who have endured significant levels of complex trauma. All in-network community resource providers are uniformly trained by Hesed Place to provide a foundational level of trauma-informed care.

We currently offer limited Counseling services, Referral Services for local Therapeutic and Medical needs, and Trauma-Informed Certification Training to Community Network Professional groups. We have big visions for a big purpose! There is much more to come!

Together we all grow and participate in creating healthy families and communities!

We are currently developing, transdisciplinary, trauma-informed care training focused on all stages of need to maximize survivor’s potential for holistic healing and long-term meaningful function.

  1. Medical & Therapeutic Professionals
  2. Law Enforcement
  3. Service Providers and Other Professionals
  4. Organizations & Churches
  5. Life Groups (Survivor Support Groups)
  6. Educators & Academic Professionals

Provide any direct online counseling. Guarantee assistance. Act outside of our guidelines (in the best interest of those we serve and those who are serving).

Why We Do

What We Do


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